Sheba (Jos. 19:2)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Sheba of Simeon (שְׁבָא‎, sheva'). A city allotted to the tribe of Simeon after the conquest of Canaan (Josh 19:2).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Sheba (Place)
SHEBA (PLACE) [Heb šebaʿ (שֶׁבַע)]. A city in the territory allotted to Simeon (Josh 19:2). In Josh 19:6 the sum of the cities in Simeon’s allotment is given as thirteen, yet fourteen names are listed. Several scholars, noting that the name Beer-sheba immediately precedes Sheba, assert that Sheba is
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Sheba (Place)
Sheba (Place). 1. One of 13 cities assigned to Simeon’s tribe within the southern portion of Judah’s inheritance. Sheba was named between Beersheba and Moladah (Jos 19:2). Its identity and location are uncertain. Some suggest that Sheba is a later copying mistake and should read Shema (cf. Jos 15:26).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Sheba shēʹbə [Heb. šeḇaʿ—‘seven’; Gk. B Samaa, A Sabee] (Josh. 19:2). One of fourteen cities listed as part of the tribal inheritance of Simeon within the larger allotment of Judah (Josh. 19:1–6). While fourteen cities are listed, the text gives a sum of only thirteen (v 6). Possibly Sheba is an
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Sheba (Place)
SHEBA (Place)1. One of 14 cities listed in Joshua 19:2 that were assigned to Simeon’s tribe within the southern portion of Judah’s inheritance. Since the verse says there were 13 cities, not 14, it is possible that “Shebe” was repeated in the list as a shortened form of “Beersheba,” as many translations
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Sheba (shee´buh).1 A town included in Simeon’s inheritance, along with Beer-sheba and Moladah (Josh. 19:2).2 A Benjaminite, the son of Bichri, who led a revolt against David after Absalom’s rebellion was put down. Hoping to seize northern Israel, he was pursued by Joab and his army and was decapitated
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
SHEBA. In Heb. there are two distinct spellings of his name, sheba˓ (see 1–3 below) and shbā˒ (see 4–7).1. A descendant of Abihail of the tribe of Gad who lived in Gilead (1 Chr 5:13, 16).2. A son of Bichri of the tribe of Benjamin. After Absalom’s rebellion had been quelled, Sheba took advantage
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
SHEBA. 1. A city (Heb. šeḇa‘) in the territory allotted to Simeon in S Palestine near Beersheba and Moladah (Jos. 19:2; MT at 1 Ch. 4:28 omits it in the parallel list, but lxx has ‘Sama’). lxx reads ‘Samaa’ in ms B (cf. Jos. 15:26) and ‘Sabee’ in ms A. S. Cohen (IDB, 4, p. 311) suggests that Sheba
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Sheba (Place)
Sheba (Heb. šĕḇāʾ, šĕḇāʿ) (PLACE)1. One of the towns listed in Josh. 19:2–6 defining a portion of land transferred from the tribe of Judah to the tribe of Simeon. Sheba, often equated with the Shema of Josh. 15:26, is omitted from a parallel list in 1 Chr. 4:28. Since the towns are numbered
Catholic Bible Dictionary
SHEBA The name of two places mentioned in the Old Testament.1. A city in the territory allotted to Simeon (Josh 19:2). It was located near Beer-sheba in southern Canaan. Scholars have suggested that Sheba may have been part of Beer-sheba.2. The land from which the Queen of Sheba journeyed to meet Solomon.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
She´ba, one of the towns of the allotment of Simeon, Josh. 19:2, probably the same as Shema. Josh. 15:26.
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