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The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Shaharaim (שַׁחֲרַיִם‎, shacharayim). Husband of Hushim, Baara, and Hodesh. A descendant of Benjamin (1 Chr 8:8).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Shaharaim (Person)
SHAHARAIM (PERSON) [Heb šaḥărayim (שַׁחֲרַיִם)]. A Benjaminite (1 Chr 8:8). Shaharaim is listed by the Chronicler as the progenitor of a clan of Benjaminites who lived in Moab. This mention of Shaharaim by the Chronicler, however, has no connection to what precedes it, and there is no hint of the
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Shaharaim. Benjamite living in Moab, father of nine sons, who sent away two of his three wives (1 Chr 8:8).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Shaharaim sh̄-hə̄rāʹim [Heb. šaḥarayim; LXX A Saarēm, B Saarēl]. A descendant of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Ch. 8:8). Although the verse has several textual problems (see BHS and comms), Shaharaim apparently had three wives, two of whom he divorced. He had seven sons by his wife Hodesh (v 9), and
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
SHAHARAIM Benjaminite living in Moab, father of nine sons, who divorced two of his three wives (1 Chr 8:8).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Shaharaim (shay´huh-ray´im), a descendant of Benjamin who lived in Moab (1 Chron. 8:8). He banished his wives Hushim and Baara for some reason that is not mentioned and subsequently had seven sons by a third wife, Hodesh (8:9).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
SHAHARAIM. Benjamite who divorced two Israelite wives and in Moab married a third woman; Hodesh (1 Chr 8:8, RSV). By Hushim (v. 11) he had had two sons, and by Hodesh (vv. 9–10) he had seven more sons.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Shaharaim (Heb. šaḥărayim)A Benjaminite living in Moab who had numerous offspring and who sent away two of his wives (1 Chr. 8:8–11).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Shaharaim [shāˊə rāˊəm] (Heb. šaḥarayim “two dawns”). A Benjaminite who had numerous offspring (1 Chr. 8:8–11).
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
SHAHARA´IM (sha-ha-raʹim; “double dawn,” i.e., morning and evening twilight). A Benjamite who became the father of several children in the land of Moab (1 Chron. 8:8).
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
ShaharaimShaharaim (shay-huh-rayʹim), a descendant of Benjamin (1 Chron. 8:8). He banished two of his three wives, although the reason for that action is not mentioned.
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