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Scale armor
Coat of mail • Joints
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Scale Armor
Scale Armor [Heb. deḇāqîm < dāḇaq—‘cleave’] (1 K. 22:34; 2 Ch. 18:33); AV JOINTS; NEB PLATES OF THE ARMOUR. Part of King Ahab’s battle attire in his fatal battle against the king of Syria. According to the RSV an arrow struck Ahab “between the scale armor and the breastplate” (NEB, similarly, “where
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Scale Armor
Scale Armor (Heb. deḇāqîm). The Hebrew term represents some part of the armor worn by King Ahab when he was killed in battle (1 Kgs. 22:34 par. 2 Chr. 18:33; RSV “scale armor”). He received his mortal wound between this part of his armor and another part of it called Heb. širyān (RSV “breastplate”
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