The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Rohgah, Son of Shemer
Rohgah, Son of Shemer (רָהְגָּה‎, rohgah). A descendant of Asher mentioned only in 1 Chr 7:34 as the son of Shemer.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Rohgah (Person)
ROHGAH (PERSON) [Heb rohgâ (רָהְגָּה)]. A descendant of Asher listed in 1 Chr 7:34. He is named as the son of Shamer, who perhaps is to be identified with Shomer (7:32). Rohgah does not appear elsewhere in Scripture and is attributed with no offspring. The verse in which this name appears bears several
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Rohgah rōʹgə [Heb. K rôhag̱â, Q rohgâ]. An Asherite; first son of Shemer (1 Ch. 7:34).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ROHGAH. The firstborn son of Shemer, and a member of the tribe of Asher (1 Chr 7:34).
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Rohgah (Heb. Q rohgâ, K rôhăg̱â)A son of Shemer of the tribe of Asher (1 Chr. 7:34).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Rohgah [rōˊgə] (Heb. Q rohgâ, K rôhag̱â). A son of Shemer of the tribe of Asher (1 Chr. 7:34).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Roh´gah (clamor), an Asherite, of the sons of Shamer. 1 Chron. 7:34. (b.c. about 1490.)
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
ROH´GAH (rōʹga). The second son of Shemer, of the tribe of Asher, and fifth in descent from that patriarch (1 Chron. 7:34), about 1440 b.c.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
ROHGAH<ro’-ga> (Kethibh [רוֹהֲגָה‎, rohaghah], Qere [רָהְגָּה‎, rohgah]): A name in the genealogy of Asher (1 Chronicles 7:34).
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