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Fighting against God • Rebel • Rebellion • Rebellion Against God
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Revolt [Heb. sārâ—‘revolt, apostasy’] (Isa. 31:6; 59:13); NEB OFFEND, “treacherous words”; [qešer—‘conspiracy’] (Jer. 11:9); AV, NEB, CONSPIRACY; [pāšaʿ—‘revolt, rebel’] (2 K. 8:20, 22; 2 Ch. 21:8, 10); [Gk. anastatóō—‘disturb the peace’] (Acts 21:38); AV “make an uproar.” Rebellion against the ruling
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Rebel, Rebellion
Rebel, RebellionImages of rebellion are more important than is commonly realized. English translations use the vocabulary of rebellion well over a hundred times (NRSV 126; NIV 171). The prominence of the image is explainable if we consider how thoroughly ingrained patterns of authority were in ancient
Pocket Dictionary of Church History: Over 300 Terms Clearly and Concisely Defined
Peasants’ Revolt, German
Peasants’ Revolt, German (1524–1525). A major uprising in what would now be southern Germany, Alsace and Austria, the Peasants’ Revolt was in essence a class conflict between the agrarian laborers, who were still suffering under feudal restrictions, and the nobility, who were allied with the church.
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
REBEL, REBELLION [מָרַדmaradh, מָרָהmarah, פָּשַׁעsarar, סָרַדpashaʿ; στασιαστής stasiastēs]. The OT attests to the conviction that the government was given by God. There are accounts of rebellions, but they are only seen as God’s will if they are successful, e.g., David’s succession to Saul (1
Key passages
1 Mac 2:15–28

And from the king came those who were enforcing the defection in the city of Modein, that they might sacrifice. And many from Israel came to them, and Mattithiah and his sons were assembled together. And those from the king responded and said to Mattithiah, …

1 Mac 11:14

But Alexander, the king, was in Cilicia during those times because the people from those places had revolted.

1 Mac 11:43–48

Now, therefore, you will do well to send us men who will help me, because all my soldiers have left me.” And Jonathan sent three thousand mighty men with their strength into Antioch, and they came to the king, and the king celebrated at their arrival. And those from the city gathered together …

2 Mac 1:7

When Demetrius was reigning, in the one hundred and sixty-ninth year, we Judeans wrote to you in the affliction and in the culminating point that came against us in those years, after which Jason and those with him departed from the holy land and the kingdom.

2 Mac 4:39–42

Now because of the great sacrilegious plunder that occurred against the city by Lysimachus with the approval of Menelaus and the spread of the news outside of the city, a multitude gathered together against Lysimachus, since many golden vessels had already …