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Praise Psalm
Praise Psalms
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Praise Psalm
Praise PsalmThe second largest category of psalms (next to the lament) is the psalm of praise. Usually this title is reserved for psalms that specifically praise God (e.g., Ps 8; 19; 33; 103; 104; 145–48). (Psalms praising human subjects fall into such categories as royal psalm and encomium.) A helpful
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
2. Hymn or Praise Psalms
2. Hymn or praise psalmsThere are at least twenty-eight hymns in the Psalter. The shortest psalm, Ps 117, features two common elements. The psalm opens with a command to give praise, a call to worship that includes not just Israel but all the nations. The second verse proclaims the reasons or bases
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