Pillar of Bethel
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Bethel North of Jerusalem
Bethel North of Jerusalem (בֵּית־אֵל‎, beith-el). A major Bronze Age and Iron Age town located in the central hill country, near Jerusalem, that was inhabited from the late fourth millennium bc to the end of the Iron Age. The site of a major sanctuary of the northern kingdom of Israel.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Bethel (Place)
BETHEL (PLACE) [Heb bêtʾēl (בֵּיתְאֵל)]. The name of two places mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The name means “house of God.”1. An important town in the central hill country of Palestine, located N of Jerusalem and very close to Ai. Next to Jerusalem, this Bethel is the most frequently occurring place
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Bethel, Bethelite (City)
Bethel, Bethelite (City). 1. Important OT city located about 11 miles north of Jerusalem on the north-south ridge road at the tribal borders of Benjamin and Ephraim (Jos 16:1, 2; 18:13). As a trading center Bethel attracted merchandise both from the Mediterranean coast and from Transjordan via Jericho.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Bethel bethʹəl [Heb. bêṯ-’ēl—‘house of God’; Gk. Baithēl, oíkos theoú].
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Bethel (Place), Bethelite
BETHEL (Place), BETHELITE*1. Important OT city located about 11 miles (17.7 kilometers) north of Jerusalem on the north-south ridge road at the tribal borders of Benjamin and Ephraim (Jos 16:1–2; 18:13). Hiel, a resident of the city, is referred to as a Bethelite in 1 Kings 16:34 (kjv). As a trading
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Bethel (beth´uhl; Heb., “house of God”), an important biblical city (modern Beitin) on the north-south mountain road north of Jerusalem. Bethel had few natural defenses, but it did have plentiful water from nearby springs. It also stood at the intersection of the north-south road that passed through
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
BETHEL (“House of God”)1. A town in the southern part of Israel, evidently in the vicinity of Ziklag. Probably Bethel, Bethul and Bethuel (q.v.) are names by which it was known (Josh 19:4; 1 Sam 30:27; 1 Chr 4:30). Its site is not currently identified.2. A town on the border between Benjamin and Ephraim,
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
BETHEL. Identified by most scholars with Tell Beitīn on the watershed route 19 km N of Jerusalem. Although traces of earlier occupation have been found, the city seems to have been established early in the Middle Bronze Age. During this period, Abram camped to the E of Bethel, where he built an altar
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Bethel (Place)
Bethel (Heb. bêṯ-ʾēl) (PLACE)1. An important city (“house of God”) strategically located at a crossroads 19 km. (12 mi.) N of Jerusalem at the border of Ephraim/Benjamin (for the source of that ambiguity compare Josh. 18:22 and Judg. 1:22) and Judah. Only the city of Jerusalem is mentioned more frequently
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
BETH-EL A town on the border of the territory of Ephraim (Josh. 16:1–4), identified with Beitin at an important road junction 11 miles north of Jerusalem. Abraham built an altar there and at Hai (Ai) and Jacob had his dream there (Gen. 28:10–22), naming the place ‘House of God’, which is the meaning
Catholic Bible Dictionary
BETHEL A town about fourteen miles north of Jerusalem, identified with the modern Tell Beitin, although el-Bireh has also been suggested. Over time Bethel became a city of religious importance, so the name is mentioned with great frequency in the Old Testament—both positively, as the place where the
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