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Pigeon Sellers
Those who sold pigeons in the temple for sacrifice. Jesus rebuked them after cleansing the temple.
Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
Temple Cleansing
Temple cleansingThe incident in the Temple* is recorded in all four Gospels (Mt 21:10–17; Mk 11:11, 15–17; Lk 19:45–46; Jn 2:13–17), although each Gospel writer has interpreted the event in a distinctive way. Precisely because it is attested in all four Gospels, many believe that the incident traces
Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, Second Edition
Temple Act
TEMPLE ACTJesus’ temple act is recounted in all four Gospels (Mt 21:12–17; Mk 11:15–19; Lk 19:45–48; Jn 2:13–22). There are some striking variations between the four versions. Despite the differences, the Matthean and Lukan versions clearly appear to be dependent on Mark, whereas the Johannine variant
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