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Old Testament Manuscripts
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Manuscripts Copies of the texts that were produced or reproduced by hand. This article focuses on manuscripts of the Bible.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Text and MSS of the OT
Text and MSS of the OT The purpose of this article is to document the principal witnesses to the text of the OT, to review the present state of knowledge concerning the transmission history of the OT text from the 3rd cent. b.c. to modern times, and to discuss the application of this data to the practice
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Bible, Manuscripts and Text of the (Old Testament)
BIBLE*, MANUSCRIPTS AND TEXT OF THE (Old testament) Copies of the OT books produced by scribes and editions made from these copies. The ancient manuscripts of the OT are the basic working material used to seek out the original text of the Bible with as great a degree of accuracy as possible. This process
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Scripture Manuscripts, OT
SCRIPTURE MANUSCRIPTS, OLD TESTAMENT. The word Scripture is derived from the Lat. scriptum, or scriptura, and has for its Gk. equivalent graphē, and Heb. miqrā˒ (Neh. 8:8). In its English use in the Bible it means “the writings,” as in Ex. 32:16; Dan. 10:21.The NT employs the plural graphai, “writings.”
Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
Old Testament Manuscripts
Old Testament Manuscripts. The manuscripts of the Old Testament are not as crucial to Christian apologetics as are those of the New Testament (see New Testament, Historicity of; New Testament Manuscripts). However, their reliability in general is important, and the manuscripts play a crucial role in
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 5, Q–Z
Text and Manuscripts (OT)
text and manuscripts (OT). Less than a century ago, research into the history of the OT text seemed to have reached a dead end in two important directions. On the one hand, the collations that Kennicott and de Rossi had published in the latter part of the 18th cent., with their comparison of the readings
The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media
Biblical Manuscripts
Biblical ManuscriptsApproximately 200 of the 900 scrolls discovered at Qumran can be referred to as biblical manuscripts. But designating a scroll as biblical is no straightforward matter when analysing the DSS. Many of the manuscripts are highly fragmentary. Only one biblical scroll preserves a complete