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The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Minnith (מִנִּית‎, minnith). One of 20 Ammonite cities that Jephthah the judge conquered (Judg 11:33). The Minnith mentioned as a food supplier to Judah could be the same city (Ezek 27:17).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Minnith (Place)
MINNITH (PLACE) [Heb minnı̂t (מִנִּית)]. One of the twenty Ammonite cities which were captured by Jephthah according to Judg 11:33. Although there is some question about the text, several translators believe Ezek 27:17 names Minnith as the source of the wheat Judah traded with Tyre. Others have preferred
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Minnith. One of the 20 cities conquered by Jephthah in his defeat of the Ammonites (Jgs 11:33). The city was a center for the wheat trade (Ez 27:17, the rsv omits reference to Minnith; cf. 2 Chr 27:5). Its precise location near Hebron is uncertain.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Minnith minʹith [Heb minnîṯ; Gk A Semōith, B áchris Arnōn]. A city in the region of the Ammonites mentioned in connection with Jephthah’s military campaign against the “twenty cities” (Jgs. 11:33). A possibly corrupt second text (Ezk. 27:17) names Minnith (so AV, NEB; RSV “olives”) as the source
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
MINNITH One of the 10 cities conquered by Jephthah in his defeat of the Ammonites (Jgs 11:33). The city was a center for the wheat trade (Ez 27:17).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Minnith (min´ith), one of the twenty cities taken from the Ammonites by Jephthah (Judg. 11:33). Its pairing with a southern tribal city, Aroer, as the opposite boundary would suggest a location somewhere in the northern sector, near modern Amman. The precise location is unknown, but probably lies somewhere
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
MINNITH. One of the cities named in Jephthah’s conquests (Jdg 11:33). Ezekiel speaks of wheat of Minnith as among the merchandise of Tyre (Ezk 27:17). Eusebius connects Minnith with a Maanith on the road from Rabbath Ammon to Heshbon. El Yadudeh has been suggested as the site (Kraeling, Biblical Geography,
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
MINNITH (Heb. minnîṯ). Mentioned in Jdg. 11:33 as the limit of Jephthah’s invasion of Ammon. Eusebius (Onom. p. 132) indicates that it lay at the head of a natural route from the Jordan to the uplands between Rabbath-Ammon (Amman) and Heshbon. The exact site is unknown.Ezk. 27:17 may refer to the
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Minnith (Heb. minnɩ̂ṯ)One of the 20 Ammonite cities captured by Jephthah (Judg. 11:33). A number of translators render Minnith in Ezek. 27:17 as the source of the wheat (ḥiṭê minnɩ̂ṯ) Judah traded with Tyre, although others amend the text to read “wheat and olives” (ḥiṭṭɩ̂m zayiṯ) instead of
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Minnith [mĭnˊĭth] (Heb. minnîṯ).† A region or city in Ammonite territory that marked the limit (probably the southwestern limit) of the “twenty cities” conquered by Jephthah (Judg. 11:33). A possible identification is with Khirbet el-Hanafish, ca. 7 km. (4.3 mi.) northeast of Heshbon and
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
MINNITH A town in the land of Ammon, mentioned among the victories of Jephthah (Judg. 11:32–3). Tyre exported wheat from here (Ezek. 27:17) Eusebius (Onom. 132:2) states that in his time there was a village by the name of Maanith, 4 miles distant from Heshbon, on the way to Rabbath-Ammon. Identified
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Min´nith (distribution), a place on the east of the Jordan, named as the point to which Jephthah’s slaughter of the Ammonites extended. Judges 11:33. The “wheat of Minnith” is mentioned in Ezek. 27:17 as being supplied by Judah and Israel to Tyre; but there is nothing to indicate that the same place
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