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Migdol (of Northern Egypt)
Egypt (nation) • Migdol
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Migdol (of Northern Egypt)
3. A north Egyptian site, contrasted with Syene in the south (Ezk. 29:10; 30:6). This northern Migdol is probably the Magdolum (perhaps Tell el-Ḥeir) of Itinerarium Antonii, 12 Roman mi (18 km, 11 mi) from Pelusium.Bibliography.-W. F. Albright, “Baal-Zephon,” in W. Baumgartner, etal, eds., Festschrift
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Migdol (Heb. mig̱dōl)A Semitic word meaning “fortress” or “watch tower,” which was taken into Egyptian and used to describe a series of military outposts guarding the eastern edge of the Delta.1. A town in the eastern Delta that was on the route of the Exodus (Exod. 14:2; Num. 33:7).2. A residence
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