Mesopotamian Pantheons
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Mesopotamia, Religion of
Mesopotamia, Religion of An overview of religious development in Mesopotamia and its relevance to the Bible.
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Pantheons, Mesopotamian
PANTHEONS, MESOPOTAMIAN. In the polytheistic world of Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria thousands of gods existed, and since the cuneiform scribes made and used all kinds of lists of signs, words, and numbers for various practical and theoretical needs, gods’ names were also compiled in list form. In a restricted
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Pantheon (temple consecrated to all the gods).—The Pantheon of Rome is a building constructed under Augustus at the expense of Agrippa (26 b.c.). Burned under Titus and Trajan, restored by Hadrian and Severus, then sacked by the Barbarians, in 1610, Pope Boniface IV. turned it into a Christian Church,