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Mesha (Benjaminite)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Mesha, Son of Shaharaim
Mesha, Son of Shaharaim (מֵשָׁא‎, mesha'). A descendant of Benjamin through Hodesh (1 Chr 8:9).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Mesha (Person)
MESHA (PERSON) [Heb mêšāʿ (מֵישָׁע‎); mêšāʾ (מֵישָׁא‎)]. 1. A Moabite king who, in the 9th century b.c., led a successful revolt against his Israelite oppressors. To students of the Bible, Mesha is one of the best known non-Israelite kings, since he is the principal in a famous inscription, the Moabite
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Mesha (Person)
Mesha (Person). 1. King of Moab in the 9th century bc. whose name is derived from a root meaning “to save or deliver.” According to 2 Kings 3:4, 5, Mesha was a sheep breeder who paid heavy tribute to Israel during the time of Ahab, but rebelled after Ahab’s death (2 Kgs 1:1). Later Jehoram the son of
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Mesha (Person)
MESHA (Person)1. King of Moab in the ninth century bc whose name is derived from a root meaning “to save or deliver.” According to 2 Kings 3:4–5, Mesha was a sheep breeder who paid heavy tribute to Israel during the time of Ahab but rebelled after Ahab’s death (2 Kgs 1:1). Later, Jehoram the son of
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Mesha (mee´shuh; Heb., “savior”).1 A son of Caleb; the father of Ziph (1 Chron. 2:42; however, lxx: “Maresha”).2 The ninth-century bce king of Moab who also bred sheep. After a long period of being subject to Israel, as was his father Chemosh-(yat), and paying tribute to Ahab (2 Kings 3:4), he led
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
MESHA1. A king of Moab in the reigns of Ahab, Ahaziah, and Jehoram, kings of Israel. In the days of Omri and Ahab he had been subject to Israel, but after Ahab’s death, he rebelled (2 Kgs 1:1; 3:4–5) and eventually threw off the Israelite yoke when Jehoram succeeded to the throne after Ahaziah’s short
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
MESHA. 1. King of Moab, succeeding his father who had reigned for 30 years and worshipped *Chemosh (Moabite Stone, 2–3). He rebelled after Ahab’s death (2 Ki. 1:1; 3:5). Since an invasion of his territory by Judah, Israel and Edom failed, his breakaway may have occurred c. 853 bc while Ahab and Israel
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Mesha (Person)
Mesha (Heb. mêšāʿ, mêšāʾ) (PERSON)1. King of the Transjordanian kingdom of Moab during the early 9th century b.c.e.; son of Chemosh-yati. According to 2 Kgs. 3:4 Mesha was a sheep breeder (Heb. nōqēḏ) and a vassal of the “king of Israel.” After the death of King Ahab of Israel in 850, Mesha
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Me´sha (freedom).1. The name of one of the geographical limits of the Joktanites when they first settled in Arabia. Gen. 10:30.2. The king of Moab who was tributary to Ahab, 2 Kings 3:4; but when Ahab fell at Ramoth-gilead, Mesha refused to pay tribute to his successor, Jehoram. When Jehoram succeeded
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
ME´SHA (mēʹsha).1. A place in Arabia, the western limit of the children of Joktan (Gen. 10:30) and possibly identical with Massa and Mash. However that may be, there is frequent mention of the latter country in the cuneiform inscriptions. It corresponds roughly with the Arabia Petraea of the geographers.
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