The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Mattatha, Son of Nathan
Mattatha, Son of Nathan (Ματταθα, Mattatha). A grandson of David listed in the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3:31).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Mattatha (Person)
MATTATHA (PERSON) [Gk Mattatha (Ματταθα)]. The father of Menna and son of Nathan (and grandson of King David) according to Luke’s genealogy tying Joseph, the “supposed father” of Jesus, to descent from Adam and God (Luke 3:31). D omits Mattatha, substituting a genealogy adapted from Matt 1:6–15 for Luke
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Mattatha. Ancestor of Jesus according to Luke’s genealogy (3:31).See Genealogy of Jesus Christ.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Mattatha mat̀ə-thə [Gk. Mattatha]. Son of Nathan the son of David; an ancestor of Jesus (Lk. 3:31).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
MATTATHA Ancestor of Jesus, according to Luke’s genealogy (Lk 3:31). See Genealogy of Jesus Christ.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Mattatha (Gk. Mattathá)An ancestor of Jesus; grandson of King David (Luke 3:31).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Mattatha [mătˊə thə] (Gk. Mattatha). An ancestor of Jesus; grandson of King David (Luke 3:31).
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
MAT´TATHA (matʹa-tha; “gift of Jehovah”). The son of Nathan and grandson of David, among the ancestry of our Lord (Luke 3:31).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
MATTATHA<mat’-a-tha> ([Ματταθά, Mattatha]): Son of Nathan the son of David in the genealogy of Jesus (Lk 3:31).
The Ultimate Who’s Who in the Bible
Mattatha [Mat-uh-thuh](Hebrew origin: Gift of God)(Luke 3:31). 10th century b.c. Mattatha, an ancestor of Jesus in Luke’s genealogy, was the son of Nathan and a grandson of King David. His son was called Menan.
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
MATTATHA (Mătʹ tȧ thȧ) Grandson of King David and ancestor of Christ (Luke 3:31).
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