Manasseh (region)
The territory assigned to the tribe of Manasseh, in the central part of Israel.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Manasseh (Place)
MANASSEH (PLACE) [Heb mĕnaššeh (מְנַשֶּׁה)]. MANASSITE. Name of Israelite tribe in the hills of central Palestine; during the early monarchy it extended to include the inhabitants of central Transjordan (half-tribe of Manasseh).A. Manasseh, Son of Joseph, Son of JacobThe eponym of the tribe of Manasseh
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Gath-Rimmon (of Manasseh)
2. A city in the territory of Manasseh W of the Jordan that was assigned to the Kohathites of the tribe of Levi (Josh. 21:25). In this passage Gath-rimmon may have been copied incorrectly from v 24 (cf. 1 Ch. 6:70 [MT 55] and the LXX); perhaps the correct reading would be “Ibleam.” See Ibleam.See EAEHL,
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Gath-Rimmon (Heb. gaṯ rimmôn)1. A city originally allotted to the tribe of Dan (before its relocation north) (Josh. 19:45). Gath-rimmon was reallotted to the Kohathite families of the tribe of Levi according to Josh. 21:24; 1 Chr. 6:69 (MT 54). Two suggestions have been offered for its location: Tell
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Ma-nasʹseh [forgetting], the name of Joseph’s first-born son, of a Hebrew tribe and of a king of Judah.1. Manasseh, son of Joseph and Asenath, was born in Egypt before the beginning of the great famine (Gen. 41:50). He received his name in consequence of his birth being the first thing which had occurred
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Manasseh (2)
MANASSEH: Following the Bib. account of Manasseh (patriarch, tribe, and territory) we find that he was the elder of Joseph’s two sons by Asenath, the daughter of Poti-phera, priest of On (Gen 41:51).
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
b. Manasseh (17:7–10)
b. Manasseh (17:7–10). Instead of a northern border, an imprecise line of extent is drawn from Asher to Michmethath (v. 7a), apparently indicating that certain Manassehite towns were situated in the territories of Asher (and Issachar; compare v. 11). Then the western portion only of the boundary with
c. East Jordan Manasseh (13:29–31)
c. East Jordan Manasseh (13:29–31). Some clans of Manasseh (“half of the Machirites,” v. 31) inhabit territory east of the Jordan (see MANASSEH, MANASSITES). A general line of extent runs from Mahanaim (v. 30) north to encompass Bashan, the allied towns of Jair, and to the east the former capital cities
MANASSEH, MANASSITES muh-nas´uh, muh-nas´uh-h´it [מְנַשֶּׁהmenasheh; Μανασσή Manassē, Μανασσῆς Manassēs, Μαννασσή Mannassē]. Means “one who causes to forget.” 1. Eponymous ancestor of the Israelite tribe by the same name, son of Joseph and ASENATH (Gen 41:50–51; 46:20; Num 26:28) (see JOSEPH, JOSEPHITES).
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