Mahalath Leannoth
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Mahalath Leannoth
Mahalath Leannoth (מַחֲלַת‎, machalath). Found in the title of Psa 88, possibly a musical term.
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Mahalath leannoth
Mahalath leannoth. Hebrew phrase in the title of Psalm 88, translated “The Suffering of Affliction” (niv mg); perhaps a familiar ancient melody to which the psalm was performed.See Music and Musical Instruments.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Mahalath (Leannoth)
Mahalath (Leannoth) māʹhə-lath (lə-anʹôth) [Heb. māḥalaṯ (leʿannôṯ)]. Technical terms of uncertain meaning. Māḥalaṯ occurs in the superscriptions to Pss. 53 and 88 (MT 53:1; 88:1), in the latter instance followed by leʿannôṯ. Several interpretations have been suggested. (1) Some have
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Mahalath Leannoth
MAHALATH LEANNOTH* Hebrew phrase in the title of Psalm 88, translated “The Suffering of Affliction”; perhaps a familiar ancient melody to which the psalm was performed. See Music.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Mahalath (Heb. maḥălaṯ) (also BASEMOTH)1. The daughter of Ishmael and one of Esau’s wives (Gen. 28:9). In Gen. 36:3 she is called Basemoth.2. The wife of King Rehoboam of Judah; daughter of David’s son Jerimoth and Abihail (2 Chr. 11:18)3. A cryptic term found in the superscriptions to Ps. 53,
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Mahalath Leannoth Maschil
Mahalath Leannoth MaschilThis word leannoth seems to point to some kind of instrument unknown (Ps. 88, title). The whole phrase has by others been rendered, “On the sickness of affliction: a lesson;” or, “Concerning afflictive sickness: a didactic psalm.”
Leannothfor answering; i.e., in singing, occurs in the title to Ps. 88. The title “Mahalath (q.v.) Leannoth” may be rendered “concerning sickness, to be sung” i.e., perhaps, to be sung in sickness.
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Maʹha-lath [a lute], the title of Ps. 53; Mahalath-Leannoth is the title of Ps. 88. The meaning of these words is uncertain. The conjecture is that Mahalath is a lute or guitar, and that Leannoth has reference to the character of the psalm, and might be rendered “to humble or afflict,” in which sense
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
LEANNOTH (Lə ănʹ nōth) Transliteration of Hebrew word in title of Ps. 88 possibly meaning “to sing” or “for the poor,” “for the sick.” It may be part of the title of a tune to which the psalm was sung. The meaning remains obscure and uncertain.
Key passages
Ps 88:1

O Yahweh, God of my salvation, I cry out by day and through the night before you.