Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
MAʿATI. The association of צדק and צדקה (‘righteousness’) with the base of the king’s throne in Ps 89:15; 97:2; Prov 16:12 and (after emendation) l has been compared with the hieroglyphic representation of the important Egyptian concept of ‘order’: m3ʿt. The hieroglyph for m3ʿt shows that the original
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MaatIn ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, Maat (also spelled Mayet, Maa, Maet, Maht, Maut) was the goddess of truth, law, justice, and harmony and stood as the personification of cosmic order. An ancient deity of predynastic origin, Maat was the daughter of the sun god Re and was believed to have
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
MAATThis is an Egyptian word conventionally transcribed as maat or maet, containing central ʾālep and ʿayin left unexpressed in the popular-usage transcriptions cited. It is from a root maa, basically meaning “be straight” (literally), then “be straight in conduct,” “be true, just, right(eous).” Hence,