The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Maasmas (Μαασμάς, Maasmas). A “man of understanding” summoned by Ezra to find Levites who could serve as priests (1 Esdras 8:43).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Maasmas (Person)
MAASMAS (PERSON) [Gk Maasmas (Μαασμας)]. One of the leaders in the exilic community (1 Esdr 8:43). The RSV rendering Maasmas is from Codex Alexandrinus and Codex Vaticanus; the name appears as semeia in the Lucianic text. Furthermore, while Maasmas is not named in the parallel list in Ezra (8:16), Shemaiah
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Maasmas mā-asʹməs [Gk. Maasmas]; AV MASMAN. One of the leading men sent by Ezra to obtain Levites, after it was discovered that the latter were not represented in the group returning to Jerusalem (1 Esd. 8:43).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
MAASMAS<ma-as’-mas>, <ma’-as-mas> ([Μαασμάς, Maasmas]; Swete reads Maasman; the King James Version Masman, 1 Esdras 8:43): Corresponds to “Shemaiah” in Ezr 8:16.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 4, M–P
Maasmas may-as’muhs (Μαασμαν, possibly to be understood as accusative of the unattested form Μαασμας). One of a group of leaders sent by Ezra to Iddo to get attendants for the house of God (1 Esd. 8:43; KJV, “Masman”). The parallel list has Shemaiah (Ezra 8:16).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
MAASMAS, mā̇-as′mas, māʹas-mas (Μαασμάς, Maasmás; Swete reads Maasmán; AV Masman, 1 Esd 8:43): Corresponds to “Shemaiah” in Ezr 8:16.
All the People in the Bible: An A–Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
Maasmas [mā-as-mus]: a leader who returned with Ezra from the Babylonian exile; the same as Shemaiah (18) (1 Esd. 8:43)
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
MAASMAS may-as´muhs [Μαασμᾶν Maasman]. A leader known for understanding, he went to Iddo requesting that priests return to serve in the Temple (1 Esd 8:43).