Lydia (dealer in purple)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Lydia of Thyatira
Lydia of Thyatira (Λυδία, Lydia). A wealthy, God-fearing Gentile who is reported as the first Christian in Europe (Acts 16:14–15). Her house appears to have been a meeting place for the Philippian church (Acts 16:40).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Lydia (Person)
LYDIA (PERSON) [Gk Lydia (Λυδια)]. A devout Jew from Thyatira who was converted by Paul in the city of Philippi, as recorded in Acts 16:11–15. Lydia was a worshiper of (the one true) God, i.e., she was a practicing Jew. This may have been a lifelong commitment since there was a colony of Jews in Thyatira
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Lydia (Person)
Lydia (Person). Gentile woman who was converted under the preaching of Paul in Philippi (Acts 16:14, 40). Lydia was a dealer in purple cloth and came from the city of Thyatira in the region of Lydia in western Asia Minor. The description of her as a “worshiper of God” indicates that she was a Gentile
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Lydia lidʹē-ə [Gk. Lydia]. A woman residing in Philippi who apparently was Paul’s first convert in Europe (Acts 16:14f, 40). Lydia may have been not her given name but rather a means of identifying her as originally from Lydia, a section of western Asia Minor. Her native city was Thyatira, famous for
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Lydia (Person)
LYDIA (Person) Gentile woman who was converted under the preaching of Paul in Philippi (Acts 16:14, 40). Lydia was a dealer in purple cloth and came from the city of Thyatira in the region of Lydia in the western part of the Roman province of Asia (commonly known as Asia Minor). The description of her
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
LYDIA. A woman called Lydia who was living in Philippi when Paul arrived there on his second missionary tour (Acts 16:14). She was a merchant (perhaps a widow), a seller of purple or dyed goods, a convert to the ethical monotheism of Judaism (she “worshiped God”).While Lydia was a personal name, it
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
LYDIA. A woman of Thyatira in Lydia, who at Philippi became Paul’s first European convert and gave him hospitality, with Silas and Luke (Acts 16:14–15, 40). Lydia may be an adjectival form, ‘the Lydian woman’ (such ethnic names were common), but it was also a personal name (e.g. Horace, Od. 1. 8; 3.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Lydia (Gk. Lydɩ́a) (PERSON)A Gentile woman from Thyatira in the province of Asia who was a god-fearer living in Philippi (Acts 16:14–15). It is not clear whether Lydia’s name is a personal name or designates her as the Lydian woman (“as a person from the country called Lydia”). Lydia worshipped the
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Lydia (Person)
LYDIA [lĭdˊĭ ə] (Gk. Lydia) (PERSON). A woman from Thyatira residing in Philippi, who became a Christian and opened her home to Paul and his coworkers (Acts 16:14, 40). The name Lydia may have derived from her designation as “a woman from Lydia,” a region in western Asia Minor where Thyatira, a small
Catholic Bible Dictionary
LYDIA1. A Jewish woman, a dealer in purple cloth from Thyatira, who became a Christian when Paul was in Philippi (Acts 16:11–15).2. A region in western Asia Minor.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Lyd´ia, the first European convert of St. Paul, and afterward his hostess during his first stay at Philippi. Acts 16:14, 15; also 40. (a.d. 47.) She was a Jewish proselyte at the time of the apostle’s coming; and it was at the Jewish Sabbath-worship by the side of a stream, ver. 13, that the preaching
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
LYD´IA (lidʹi-a). A seller of purple of the city of Thyatira (which see) who dwelt in Philippi. She sold the purple-dyed garments from Thyatira in Philippi and traded in both the cheap and expensive merchandise. As her husband is not mentioned and she was a householder, she was probably a widow. She
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