Luis de Molina
b. 1535 – d. 1600 • Jesuit
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Molina, Luis de
Molina, Luis de (1535–1600), Spanish *Jesuit theologian. In 1553 he entered the Society of Jesus, and later taught at Coimbra (1563–7) and Evora (1568–83). He then spent several years at Lisbon writing, and in 1588 published his Concordia liberi arbitrii cum gratiae donis. In 1590 he retired to Cuenca,
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Molina, Luis de
Molina, Luis de (1536–1600). Jesuit theologian who attempted to refute Protestant teachings on grace and predestination through his book La concordia entre el libre albedrío y los dones de la gracia (Concord between Free Will and the Gifts of Grace). M. proposes a distinction between two kinds of freedom:
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Molina, Luis de
Molina, Luis de (1535–1600)Spanish Jesuit theologian who tried to resolve the apparent contradiction between the doctrines of grace and free will by holding that God has a “middle knowledge” (scientia media)In his writings Molina wanted to affirm that God has foreknowledge of human affairs, without