Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen
b. February 6, 1834 – d. May 23, 1918 • Lutheran • Missionary
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Nommensen, Ludwig Ingwer
Nommensen, Ludwig IngwerAs one of the most illustrious missionaries in the modern missionary movement, Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen (1834–1918) has justifiably become known as “the apostle to the Bataks.” He was a pioneer missionary among the Bataks of North Sumatra in Indonesia. In an impressive way he
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Nommensen, Ludwig Ingwer
Nommensen, Ludwig Ingwer (1834–1918)Apostle to the Bataks of SumatraNommensen was born on the island of Nordstrand, Schleswig (then Danish). Illness led to a vow of missionary service. After completing studies in the seminary of the Rhenish Missionary Society at Barmen, he was sent to Sumatra in 1862.