Louis Bourgeois
b. 1510 – d. 1560 • Composer • Hymn writer
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Bourgeois, Louis
Bourgeois, Louis (c. 1510–1561)Writer of hymn tunes that gave spirit to Reformed worship, “Old Hundredth,” with the Doxology, is one of his best known. By 1541 Bourgeois was in Geneva, where John Calvin asked him to provide tunes for metrical psalms by Clément Marot and Theodore Beza. Music in early
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Bourgeois, Louis
BOURGEOIS, LOUIS (c. 1510–1561)French composer who arranged many of the hymn tunes for the Genevan PsalterLittle is known of Bourgeois’s life. Presumably he came to the haven of Geneva as a refugee about the time the reformer John Calvin returned in 1541 from a brief exile. Calvin gave Bourgeois the