Louis Berkhof
b. October 14, 1873 – d. May 18, 1957 • Calvinist • Reformed • Theologian
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Berkhof, Louis
Berkhof, Louis (1873–1957)A major systematic theologian of the Christian Reformed Church and first president of Calvin Seminary. Born in the Netherlands, Berkhof was profoundly influenced by the Reformed tradition of the 1834 Secession and the Dutch neo-Calvinist movement of Abraham Kuyper. He graduated
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Berkhof, Louis
Berkhof, Louis (1873–1957). U.S. theologian of the Reformed or Calvinist tradition. He was born in Holland but emigrated to the United States in 1888 at the age of fifteen. He studied theology at Calvin Seminary, where he then taught for thirty years, coming to serve as president of the seminary. His
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Berkhof, Louis
Berkhof, Louis (1873–1957). A Dutch-American Reformed theologian. Berkhof was born in the Netherlands but moved to the United States as a child. He studied for several years under B. B. *Warfield and Geerhardus *Vos at Princeton Seminary and was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. After several
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Berkhof, Louis
Berkhof, Louis (1873–1957). A theologian of the Christian Reformed Church. Born in Emmen, the Netherlands, he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1882. After earning diplomas at Calvin College (1897) and Calvin Theological Seminary (1900), he was ordained. A two-year pastorate was followed by two years
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Berkhof, Louis (1873–1957)
BERKHOF, LOUIS (1873–1957)*Reformed theologian, influential chiefly through the use in seminaries, colleges and churches of his frequently reprinted Systematic Theology (1941, first published in 1932 under the title Reformed Dogmatics).Born in the Netherlands, Berkhof went to the USA in 1882. He graduated
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Berkhof, Louis
BERKHOF, LOUIS (1873–1957)American Calvinist theologianTransplanted as a child from his native Netherlands, Berkhof had a lifelong affiliation with the Christian Reformed Church. For the major part of his professional life he served its Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as professor and president.
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Louis Berkhof
Louis BerkhofFred H. KloosterLouis Berkhof was born on October 13, 1873, in Emmen, the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands.1 He was eight years old when the family immigrated to the United States and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where his father continued his trade as a baker. Coming from