Lorenzo Campeggio
b. 1474 – d. 1539 • Cardinal • Politician
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Campeggio, Lorenzo
Campeggio, Lorenzo (1472–1539), Abp. of *Bologna. After the death of his wife (by whom he had had five children), he was ordained in 1510. He was presented with the bishopric of Feltre in 1512; and from 1513 to 1517 he was *nuncio at the Imperial court. In 1518 he was sent to England by *Leo X to try
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Campeggio, Lorenzo
Campeggio, Lorenzo (1474–1539)Presiding judge at the court called to annul the marriage of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of AragonCampeggio was born of a well-known family and became professor of law at the University of Bologna. Although married and a father, he joined the ranks of the