Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Industry and Commerce
Industry and Commerce. Economic activity of a people or a state. Information about industry and commerce in Bible times comes from several sources. Within the range of about 2000 bc to ad 100 there is a variety of data regarding industry and commerce of the period. The Bible itself contains significant
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Diligence; Diligent; Diligently
Diligence; Diligent; Diligently [Heb. ḥārûṣ] (Prov. 10:4; 12:24, 27; 13:4; 21:5); NEB also BUSY, INDUSTRIOUS; [šāḥar] (Prov. 1:28; 8:17; 11:27; 13:24); AV also EARLY (Prov. 1:28; 8:17); BETIMES (Prov. 13:24); NEB also EAGERLY (Prov. 11:27); [hiphil of yāṭaḇ] (Dt. 13:14; 17:4; 19:18; Mic. 7:3);
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
SCRIBE. In ancient Israel, following the spread of the alphabet, the scribes’ monopoly of writing was broken, but theirs remained an important profession. The words for ‘scribe’ in Heb. (sôp̱ēr, from sāp̱ar, ‘to count, tell’; Pi‘el,‘to recount’), Canaanite (spr) and Akkad. (šapāru, ‘to send’, ‘write’)