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The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Leshem (Place)
LESHEM (PLACE) [Heb lešem (לֶשֶׁם)]. Var. LAISH. A city mentioned in Josh 19:47 which the Danites captured, but which is called LAISH in Judg 18:7, 27. The LXX of Joshua reads neither Leshem nor Laish, but Lachish (Gk Lachis). This shift probably indicates an effort on the part of the translators (or
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Leshem. Alternate name for Laish, the early name for the city of Dan, in Joshua 19:47.See Dan (Place) #1.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Leshem lēʹshəm [Heb. lešem] (Josh. 19:47). A city in the upper Jordan Valley, also called Laish (Jgs. 18:7, 27, 29). It was captured by the Danites and named Dan. The suggestion has been made (BDB, p. 546) that the name was originally *layšum, which developed the variants lešem (retaining the final
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
LESHEM* Alternate name for Laish, the early name for the city of Dan, in Joshua 19:47 (nlt mg). See Dan (Place) #1.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
LESHEM. The city (also called Laish, q.v.) taken by the Danites and renamed after Dan, their ancestor (Josh 19:47). Situated in the Huleh Basin on the SW side of Mount Hermon along one of the tributaries in the headwaters of the Jordan River, it was on the E border of the tribal settlement of Naphtali.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Leshem (Heb. lešem)The alternate form of Laish, the ancient name of Dan (Josh. 19:47).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Leshem [lēˊshəm] (Heb. lešem). The alternate form of Laish 1, the ancient name of Dan (place) 1 (Josh. 19:47).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Le´shem (precious stone), another form of Laish, afterward Dan, occuring in Josh. 19:47.
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Leʹshem [a gem], (Josh. 19:47), supposed to be the same place that was called Laish (Judg. 18:7), and afterward Dan. See Dan.
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
LESHEM (Lēʹ shĕm) Place-name meaning “lion.” City tribe of Dan occupied (Josh. 19:47). An alternate Hebrew spelling of Laish. See Laish.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
Leshem lee’shem (לֶשֶׁםH4386, possibly to be pointed לֵישָׁם, from לַיִשׁH4332, “lion,” plus afformative mem [cf. GKC §85t; HALOT, 2:537]). An alternate form of Laish (only in Josh. 19:47); see Dan (place).
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
LESHEM lee´shem [לֶשֶׁםleshem]. Alternate form of Laish (Judg 18:7), ancient name of the city of Dan (Josh 19:47). The LXX of Josh 19:47 reads “LACHISH” (Lachis Λαχείς).
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