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Lament; Lamentation
Lament; Lamentation[Heb sāpaḏ (Gen. 50:10; 2 S. 11:26; Jer. 4:8; etc.), mispēḏ (Gen. 50:10; Est. 4:3; Jer. 6:26; 48:38; Mic. 1:8), qîn (only polel; 2. S. 1:17; 3:33; 2 Ch. 35:25; Ezk. 27:32), qînâ (2 S. 1:17; 2 Ch. 35:25; Jer. 7:29), ne (Jer. 9:20 [MT 19]; 31:15; Am. 5:16; Mic. 2:4), nāhâ
Catholic Bible Dictionary
LAMENTATION A song of sadness for misfortune, or a dirge for the dead. One-third of the Psalms are lamentations, and other similar lamentations are scattered throughout the Old Testament, both personal (e.g., Jer 11:18–23; 12:1–4; 17:14–18; 18:19–23) and communal (Neh 1:5–11; Isa 63:7–64:12; Jer 14:7–9,
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Lamentation(Heb. qinah, an elegy or dirge. The first example of this form of poetry is the lament of David over Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam. 1:17–27). It was a frequent accompaniment of mourning (Amos 8:10). In 2 Sam. 3:33, 34 is recorded David’s lament over Abner. Prophecy sometimes took the form of a
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
LAMENTATION (θρῆνος, θρηνεῖν).—An expression of sorrow accompanied by wailing and other demonstrations of grief. It is associated in Jn 16:20 with weeping, and also in Lk 23:27, in the case of the women accompanying the Saviour to the Crucifixion. It is applied equally to sorrow for the dead and to
Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words: 200 Greek and 200 Hebrew Words Defined and Explained
LamentationHebrew expression: qiynahPronunciation: qee NAWHStrong’s Number: 7015Key Verses2 Samuel 1:17; Jeremiah 7:29; 9:10, 20; Ezekiel 2:10The Hebrew word qiynah is a technical literary and musical term describing a musical composition. Qiynah is best translated as “lamentation,” “lament,”
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
Lamentations 2: Ancient near Eastern Background
LAMENTATIONS 2: ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN BACKGROUNDAlthough communal mourning is relatively uncommon in the modern West, we do experience it from time to time. For example, the surprise attacks in 2001 on New York and Washington and the aborted attack that ended in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, made the date
Key passages
Wis 19:3

For while still grieving and lamenting at the graves of the dead, they reached another foolish decision, and these whom they had asked and compelled to leave, they pursued as fugitives.

Sir 38:16

Child, bring down tears over the dead, and begin the lament as if suffering terrible things, and dress his body according to his decision, and do not disregard his burial.

1 Mac 1:25–28

And there was great mourning in Israel, in all their homes. And the leaders and elders groaned; maidens and young men lost their strength, and the beauty of women disappeared. Every bridegroom took up a lament; she who stayed in the bridal chamber was in mourning. And the land shook, for …

1 Mac 4:38–40

And they saw our sanctuary stripped bare and the altar profaned and the gate burned. And in the courtyard, plants were overgrown like in a forest or like on one of the mountains, and the priest’s chamber was torn down. And they tore their robes and mourned with great lamentation and covered themselves …

1 Esd 1:32

And in all Judah they mourned Josiah. And Jeremiah the prophet lamented for Josiah, and the chief men, together with women, lament him to this day. And this was published to take place always for all the nation of Israel.

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