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Lament Psalms
Lament PsalmsLament psalms, comprising approximately one-third of the book of Psalms, are the most numerous category of psalms. They are also called “complaints” by the psalmists themselves. These poems contain the poet’s strategy for mastering a crisis, and they can be either private (e.g., Ps 3; 4;
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Psalms Of Lament
LAMENT, PSALMS OFA lament psalm (also called a psalm of complaint or petition or prayer) is a set poetic prayer aimed to present a need to God so that he may resolve it and further his praise. The corporate laments draw from a variety of national historical traditions and probably were sung at the central
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1. Complaint or Prayer Psalms
1. Complaint or prayer psalmsSometimes called “laments,” these psalms are most frequently cast in the first-person singular voice, “I.” A simple example is Ps 13. Its constituent parts include invocation (v. 1), complaint (vv. 1–2), petition (vv. 3–4), and affirmation of trust and praise (v. 5). The
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