The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Huzoth (קִרְיָה חוּץ‎, qiryah chuts). A Moabite city to which Balak took Balaam immediately upon Balaam’s arrival in Moab (Num 22:39). It likely was between Moab near the Arnon River and Bamoth-baal (Num 22:41; compare Josh 13:17).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Huzoth (Place)
KIRIATH-HUZOTH (PLACE) [Heb qiryat ḥūṣôt (קִרְיַת חֻצֹות)]. The city to which Balak first took Balaam following the latter’s arrival in Moabite territory (Num 22:39). Once there, Balak offered sacrifices prior to Balaam’s oracular activity (Num 22:41–24:25). Although the precise location of Kiriath-huzoth
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Kiriath-huzoth. Town in Moab to which Balak and Balaam went before going to Bamoth-baal (Nm 22:39, kjv Kirjath-huzoth). Perhaps to be equated with Kiriathaim, but this is uncertain.
Kirjath-huzoth. kjv spelling of Kiriath-huzoth, a Moabite town, in Numbers 22:39.See Kiriath-huzoth.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Kiriath-huzoth kir-i-ath-hoo̅ʹzoth [Heb. qîryaṯ ḥuṣôṯ—‘city of streets’; Gk. póleis epaúleōn—‘city of residences,’ suggesting an original Heb. qîryaṯ ḥaṣērôṯ—‘city of courts’]; AV KIRJATH-HUZOTH. The place to which Balak and Balaam went after their meeting (Nu. 22:39). The “city of
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
KIRIATH-HUZOTH Town in Moab to which Balak and Balaam went before going to Bamoth-baal (Nm 22:39).
KIRJATH-HUZOTH* kjv spelling of Kiriath-huzoth, a Moabite town, in Numbers 22:39. See Kiriath-huzoth.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
KIRJATH-HUZOTH. The Moabite city to which Balak and Balaam first went when Balak employed Balaam to curse Israel and he blessed her instead (Num 22:39). The location is uncertain.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Kiriath-Huzoth (Heb. qiryaṯ ḥuṣôṯ)A Moabite city to which Balaam accompanied Balak (Num. 22:39). There Balak sacrificed to Baal in an effort to coerce the deity to curse the Israelites (Num. 22:40). The site is probably N of the Arnon River.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Kir´jath-hu´zoth (city of streets), a place to which Balak accompanied Balaam immediately after his arrival in Moab, Num. 22:39, and which is no where else mentioned. It appears to have lain between the Arnon (Wady Mojeb) and Bamoth-baal. Comp. vs. 36 and 41.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
KIR´IATH-HU´ZOTH (kirʹyath-huʹzōth; “city of streets”; ìKirʹjath-huʹzoth,” KJV). A city of Moab to which Balak took Balaam to offer up sacrifice (Num. 22:39). Balak undoubtedly expected through these offerings to propitiate Jehovah and secure His favor to the Moabites.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Kirjath-huzothcity of streets, Num. 22:39, a Moabite city, which some identify with Kirjathaim. Balak here received and entertained Balaam, whom he had invited from Pethor, among the “mountains of the east,” beyond the Euphrates, to lay his ban upon the Israelites, whose progress he had no hope otherwise
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Kirjath Huzoth
KIRJATH HUZOTH [KIR jath HUH zahth] (city of streets) — a city of Moab where Balak, king of Moab, lived. Kirjath Huzoth was the first place to which Balak took Balaam the soothsayer (Num. 22:39; Kiriath Huzoth, NIV, NRSV).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
KIRIATH-HUZOTH<kir-i-ath hu’-zoth>: קִריַת חֻצוֹת‎ [qiryath-chutsoth], “city of streets”; Septuagint reads) [πόλεις ἐπαύλεων, poleis epauleon], “city of villages,” from which we may infer a reading חצרות‎ [chatseroth], for חצות‎ [chutsoth]; the King James Version, Kirjathhuzoth): A place to which,
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