Kiriath Sepher • Kirjath Sepher • Kirjath-Sepher
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Sepher (Place)
KIRIATH-SEPHER (PLACE) [Heb qiryat-sēper (קִרְיַת־סֵפֶר)]. Alternative name of a Canaanite, and later Judahite, town located in the SW hill country of Judah. It later became known as Debir. The name Kiriath-Sepher means something like “scribe town” or perhaps “town of the treaty-stele” (Boling and Wright
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Kiriath-sepher. Older name for the Judean city Debir in Joshua 15:15.See Debir (Place) #1.
Kirjath-sepher. kjv spelling of Kiriath-sepher in Joshua 15:15, 16 and Judges 1:11, 12.See Debir (Place) #1.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Kiriath-sepher kir-i-ath-sēʹfər [Heb. qiryaṯ sēp̱er—‘city of book(s)’; cf. LXX pólis grammátōn, but more reasonably “city of the scribe(s)”]. A city in southern Judah (Josh. 15:15f.; Jgs. 1:11f.). Caleb occupied the city by the agency of Othniel (Josh. 15:17), and since Caleb’s daughter (who had
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
KIRIATH-SEPHER Older name for the Judean city Debir in Joshua 15:15. See Debir (Place) #1.
KIRJATH-SEPHER* kjv spelling of Kiriath-sepher in Joshua 15:15–16 and Judges 1:11–12. See Debir (Place) #1.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Kiriath-sepher (kihr´ee-ath-see´fuhr), an early name for Debir (Josh. 15:15; Judg. 1:11). See also Debir.
Debir (dee´buhr; Heb., possibly “back part”).1 A king of Eglon who joined the Amorite confederation trying to stop Joshua (Josh. 10:3).2 Part of the northern border of Judah (Josh. 15:7), probably Thoghret ed-Debr, “pass of Debir,” ten miles east of Jerusalem and about eight miles southwest of Jericho.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
KIRJATH-SEPHERThe Kishon currently is a much smaller stream than in biblical times because its waters are used for irrigation. HFV See Debir. K43
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
KIRIATH-SEPHER (Heb. qiryaṯ-sēp̱er). The name used for *Debir in the story of Othniel and Achsah (Jos. 15:15ff., Jdg. 1:11ff.).J. P. U. Lilley
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Kiriath-Sepher (Heb. qiryaṯ-sēp̱er)The ancient name of Debir (1; Josh. 15:15–16 = Judg. 1:11–12; cf. Josh. 15:49).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Sepher [kĭrˊĭ ăth sēˊfər] (Heb. qiryaṯ sēp̱er “city of [the] book [or document]”). The ancient name of Debir 1 (Josh. 15:15–16; Judg. 1:11; cf. Josh. 15:49).
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Kirjath-sephercity of books, Josh. 15:15; same as Kirjath-sannah (q.v.), now represented by the valley of ed-Dhaberiyeh, south-west of Hebron. The name of this town is an evidence that the Canaanites were acquainted with writing and books. “The town probably contained a noted school, or was the site
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-SepherKiriath-sepher (kihrʹee-ath-seeʹfuhr), the earlier name for Debir (Josh. 15:15; Judg. 1:11). See also Debir.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Kirjath Sepher
KIRJATH SEPHER [KIR jath SEE fur] (city of books) — a city in the mountain country of Judah assigned to the Levites (Josh. 15:15). Kirjath Sepher was the former name of Debir, which is equated with Kirjath Sannah (Josh. 15:49).