The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Sannah (קִרַיַת סַנָּה‎, qirayath sannah). Also known as Debir. A Canaanite royal city in Judah (Josh 10:38; 15:49).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Sannah (Place)
KIRIATH-SANNAH (PLACE) [Heb qiryat-sannâ (קִרְיַת־סַנָּה)]. According to Josh 15:49, the former name of the city of Debir. Precisely because this reading is problematic, Noth (1935: 44–50) assumed that the text indeed originally listed Kiriath-sannah, and that the equation with Debir was a later gloss.
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Kiriath-sannah. Alternate name for Debir, a Judean city, in Joshua 15:49.See Debir (Place) #1.
Kirjath-sannah. kjv spelling of Kiriath-sannah, in Joshua 15:49.See Debir (Place) #1.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Kiriath-sannah kir-i-ath-sanʹə [Heb. qiryaṯ sannâ]. A city in southern Judah, probably to be identified with Kiriath-sepher, since (1) it is identified as Debir (Josh. 15:49), and (2) the LXX translates Kiriath-sannah, just as it does Kiriath-sepher, as pólis grammátōn. See Debir 1.W. S. LaSor
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
KIRIATH-SANNAH Alternate name for Debir, a Judean city, in Joshua 15:49. See Debir (Place) #1.
KIRJATH-SANNAH* kjv spelling of Kiriath-sannah, in Joshua 15:49. See Debir (Place) #1.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
KIRJATH-SANNAH. The reputed name of a city in the hill country of Judah (Josh 15:49); the same as Debir (q.v.). It is possible that this is a third name for Debir (in addition to Kirjath-sepher), although no satisfactory explanation has been given as to its meaning. However, the LXX evidently had the
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Kiriath-Sannah (Heb. qiryaṯ-sannâ)Either an alternate name or scribal error for Kiriath-sepher, identified with Debir (Josh. 15:49). This form, which occurs only in the MT, may be the result of dittography with the preceding site, Dannah.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Kiriath-Sannah [kĭrˊĭ ăth sănˊə] (Heb. qiryaṯ sannâ). Either an alternate name or a scribal error for Kiriath-sepher (Josh. 15:49; KJV “Kirjath-sannah”). This form, which occurs only in the MT, may be the result of dittography with the preceding site, Dannah.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
KIR´IATH-SAN´NAH (kirʹyath-saʹna; “Kirjath-sannah,” KJV); called also Kiriath-sepher (kir´yath-sef´er) or “city of books,” and later, Debir (which see, no. 2; Josh. 15:15–16, 49). This southern Judah city of the hill country has been identified with Tell Beit Mirsim, some thirteen miles WSW of Hebron.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Kirjath-sannahcity of the sannah; i.e., of the palm(?), Josh. 15:49; the same as Kirjath-sepher (15:16; Judg. 1:11) and Debir (q.v.), a Canaanitish royal city included in Judah (Josh. 10:38; 15:49), and probably the chief seat of learning among the Hittites. It was about 12 miles to the south-west of
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Kirjath Sannah
KIRJATH SANNAH [KIR jath SAN uh] — a city in the mountain country of Judah assigned to the Levites (Josh. 15:49). The city is also called Debir and Kirjath Sephen (Josh. 21:15).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
KIRIATH-SANNAH<kir-i-ath-san’-a> (קִרַיַת סַנָּה‎ [qiryath sannah]; the King James Version Kirjath Sannah): In Joshua 15:49 it is called “Debir,” and is identical with KIRIATH-SEPHER (which see). As[πὸλις γραμμάτων, polis grammaton], “city of books,” is the reading in Septuagint, the most