Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Lyre. Stringed instrument consisting of a body, crossbar, and sometimes a sounding box.See Music and Musical Instruments (Kathros, Kinnor).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
LYRE Stringed instrument consisting of a body, crossbar, and sometimes a sounding box. See Musical Instruments (Kathros, Kinnor).
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
LyreA triangular musical instrument consisting of a sounding box with three to twelve strings, and played with either the fingers or a plectrum. Lyres (Heb. kinnôr) were used in festive celebrations (Gen. 31:27; Job 21:12), in public worship (Ps. 43:4; 98:5), and as a means of inducing ecstatic prophecy
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Lyre (Heb. kinnôr; Aram. qayṯerôs). A stringed instrument used on festive occasions (e.g., Gen. 31:27; Job 21:12; KJV “harp”), in public worship (e.g., Ps. 43:4; 98:5; Dan. 3:5), and as accompaniment to or inducement of ecstatic prophecy (cf. 1 Sam. 10:5; 1 Chr. 25:1; cf. Ps. 49:4 [MT 5]).
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
KINNARU כנורI. The word kinnôr (‘lyre’) occurs some 42 times in MT. Stringed instruments used in the cult, such as the lyre, were at times deified in the cultures surrounding Israel.II. The term knr appears 6 times in the Ugaritic texts, both as a stringed instrument (e.g. KTU 1.19 i:8; 1.108:4),
Catholic Bible Dictionary
LYRE A stringed instrument played with a plectrum (1 Sam 10:5; 1 Kgs 10:12; 1 Chr 13:8; Neh 12:27; Ps 57:8, 81:2, 98:5). The lyre was generally used to accompany singing (Gen 31:27; 2 Sam 6:5; Isa 23:16). With the harp and the lute, it was a popular instrument in the ancient Near East.
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Lyre (The). That of Terpander and Olympus had only three strings; the Scythian lyre had five; that of Simonĭdēs had eight; and that of Timotheus (3 syl.) had twelve. It was played either with the fingers or with a plectrum. The lyre is called by poets a “shell,” because the cords of the lyre used by
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
9. Lyre
9. LyreThe lyre (kinnor, nevel, nevel ʿasor; kithara, psaltērion) can be found in Gen 4:21; 1 Sam 10:5; 18:10; 2 Sam 6:5; 1 Chr 13:8; 2 Chr 5:12, 14; 9:11; 20:28; 29:25; Neh 12:27; Job 21:12; 30:31; Pss 33:2; 57:8; 81:2; 150:3; 151:2; Isa 5:12; Ezek 26:13; and Dan 3:5–15. The term lyre is used alternately
LYRE [כִּנּוֹרkinnor; פְּסַנְטֵרִיןpesanterin, קַתְרֹסqathros; κίθαρα kithara, κινύρα kinyra, ψαλτήριον psaltērion]. A musical instrument whose sound is produced by plucking strings with fingers or a plectrum. The lyre was the instrument played by David and the Levites, thus it was considered a