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The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
King and Kingship
KING AND KINGSHIP. The term “king” is used as a title to refer to a male sovereign ruler who exercises authority over a defined territorial area, the state. The position of the king may be purely or partly hereditary or, as in some cases, elective. The king acts as a central symbol for the territory
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
King, Kingship
King, Kingship. The word melek (king) occurs more than 2000 times in the Hebrew OT. It may refer to God (Ps 95:3) or to human rulers. Generally it designates one invested with ultimate authority and power over his subjects. In the OT, the word melek designates the ruler of a tribe (“the kings of Midian,”
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
King, Kingship
KING, KINGSHIP. Heb. meleḵ; Gk. basileus. Both words are of obscure origin; the former, common to all Semitic languages, is possibly connected either with an Arab. root meaning ‘possess’ or an Assyr. and Aram. word meaning ‘counsel’. The latter is probably taken over from an early Aegean language.The
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
King, Kingship
King, KingshipIn the OT, king and kingship (derived from Heb. mlk) signify both an administrative office and a leadership role for governing peoples and territories. The concept implies at least some religious, political, social, and economic centralization, but it is not clear whether full-blown nation-statehood
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
King, Kingship (Heb. mālaḵ, māšal, meleḵ; Gk. basileús, basileúō).† A male ruler with supreme authority. Generally the king was sovereign over an independent state, although sometimes an emperor would allow a subordinate vassal to retain that title as an illusion of autonomy. In the ancient
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
King, Kingship
King, KingshipThere is scarcely a grander or more widespread image used in the Bible than king. Impressive in physical appearance, honored and respected by his people, the king was the dispenser of protection, justice and mercy and a symbol of power and authority. In the Bible two royal images are found
Compton’s Encyclopedia
monarchyA monarchy is a form of government that is based upon the undivided sovereignty or rule of a single person. Under these conditions, supreme authority is vested in the monarch, an individual ruler who functions as the head of state and who achieves his position through heredity. Succession usually
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
King, Kingship
KING, KINGSHIP Male monarch of a major territorial unit; especially one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life. Kingship includes the position, office, and dignity of a king. Though not so designated, the earliest known king in the Bible is Nimrod (Gen. 10:8–10), a Mesopotamia city builder
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books
Kings and Kingship
KINGS AND KINGSHIPIn the Bible’s view, kingship in Israel was called into being as a means to *God’s ends and not as an end in itself. Its tragedy is that for most of its history it was concerned with its own importance rather than with God and his people. Its redemption lies in the fact that it prepared
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
Kingship Psalms
KINGSHIP PSALMSFor many years the royal, or kingship, psalms have given rise to a great deal of debate. The foci of this debate have changed with the passage of time from discussion of the number of royal psalms to “sacral” and “sacerdotal” kingship, from “the Great Autumn Festival” to the meaning of
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
KING, KINGSHIP [מֶלֶךְmelekh, מְלוּכָהmelukhah; βασιλεὺς basileus, βασιλεία basileia]. It is difficult to reconstruct the beliefs and institutions surrounding the king and kingship in ancient Israel. Many of the sources about kingship are biased or incomplete, written long after the kings they purport
Key passages
Ps 89:29

I will also establish his offspring forever, and his throne as the days of the heavens.

Pr 16:12–15

An abomination to kings is doing evil, for by righteousness the throne will be established. The delight of kings are the lips of righteousness, and he who speaks what is upright he will love. The wrath of a king is a messenger of death, but one who is wise will appease it. In the …

Sir 47:11

The Lord took his sins away and exalted his horn for eternity and gave him the covenant of kings and a throne of glory in Israel.

1 Esd 4:1–12

Then the second, the one who spoke about the strength of the king, began to speak, “O men, do not human beings prove superior, ruling over the land and the sea and all the things in them? But the king proves strongest, and he is lord over them and master over them, and whatever he says to them …