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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Kin; Kins(wo)man; Kinsfolk
Kin; Kins (wo)man; Kinsfolk[Heb ʾāḥ-‘brother,’ qārôḇ—‘near’ (Job 19:14; Ps. 38:11 [MT 12]), gōʾēl—‘redeemer’ (Nu. 5:8; 1 K. 16:11), môḏaʿ (Q; K meyuddāʿ) and môḏaʿaṯ (Ruth 2:1; 3:2), ʿam—‘people’ (Jgs. 5:14), ḥay—‘life’ (1 S. 18:18), šeʾēr—‘flesh’ (Jer. 51:35), dôḏ—‘uncle’ (Am. 5:10);
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
KINDRED. The Heb. word ah, “brother,” is sometimes used for a relative or member of the same tribe or family (1 Chr 12:29). The two Heb. words most often used are mōledet, related by birth (Gen 12:1), and mishpāhâ, family (Gen 24:38, 40, 41). In the NT are found genos, of the same family (Acts 4:6),
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Kin, Kinsman
KIN, KINSMAN. Israel was originally tribal in nature. The idea was never entirely lost, although as the centuries passed the distinctions became less well marked, until today they have all but disappeared (cf. Scots’ clans). Many of Israel’s family relationships are to be understood in terms of tribal
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Kindred, Kinsman
KINDRED, KINSMAN. This is a general heading expressing the variety of family relations that are found in Scripture. The following are commonly found Heb. and Gk. words and their translations dealing with this topic:1. Family (Heb. mishpāḥâ, usually so rendered). This word corresponds to our word
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
KINDRED — blood kin or relatives. Family was important among the Hebrew people because the clan or tribe was the basic social unit, at least until the time of the United Kingdom under David and Solomon. The family had the responsibility for protecting and preserving its members from injustices at the
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
KINDRED<kin’-dred>: Several words are rendered “kindred” in the King James Version. אָח‎ [’ach,] “brother,” was used loosely among Hebrews for a member of the same tribe or family, a relative; and is once translated “kindred” (1 Chronicles 12:29 the King James Version). Once also somewhat loosely
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
KINDRED, kinʹdred: Several words are rendered “kindred” in AV. אָח‎, ’āḥ, “brother,” was used loosely among Hebrews for a member of the same tribe or family, a relative; and is once trd “kindred” (1 Ch 12:29 AV). Once also somewhat loosely as the tr of מוֹדַעַת‎, mōdhaʽath, lit. “acquaintance” (Ruth
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