Khirbet Susiya
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Susiya, Khirbet
SUSIYA, KHIRBET (M.R. 159090). A town established in the Judean hills S of Hebron following the Bar Kokhba Revolt.A. Identification and HistoryThe site is situated 14 km S of Hebron, in the S Judean hills, in a region named Daroma (“South”) in Jewish sources and by Eusebius. The Arabic name of the
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Susiya (Khirbet)
SUSIYA (KHIRBET) This site, situated some 8 miles south of Hebron, was hitherto known only from archaeological surveys and excavations. It was described by V. Guerin in 1869, who recognized the importance of the site; in 1874 it was visited by a team of the Survey of Western Palestine who described in
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
SUSIYA, KHIRBET. A village in the area south of Hebron that was inhabited by a substantial Jewish population during the 2nd–7th cent. ce. Located in the area known as the Darom, the site contains the remains of an important synagogue building with beautiful mosaic floors. Khirbet Susiya was not the ancient