Khirbet Abu Et-Twein
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Khirbet Abu Et-Twein
Abu Et-Twein, Khirbet The site of an Iron Age II fortress erected on the western slopes of the Hebron Hills in the days of the kingdom of Judah.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Abu Et-Twein, Khirbet
ABU ET-TWEIN, KHIRBET (M.R. 158119). An Iron Age fortress located on the summit of a remote ridge in the W slopes of the Hebron Hills, E of the Valley of Elah. The site was surveyed and excavated in 1974–75 by A. Mazar. The fortress is a square structure, ca. 30 × 30 m, with thin outer walls, yet the
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
TWEIN, KHIRBET ABU EL. An Iron Age site located on the western slopes of the Hebron Hills. Excavations directed by Mazar revealed a large fortified building on a hilltop overlooking the Shephelah and coastal plain. The building had a central courtyard surrounded by large halls, some of them crossed by