The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Kerak A town east of the Dead Sea in the province of Moab; also the name for the plateau on which the town of Kerak is found. (Not to be confused with Khirbet el-Kerak in Galilee.)
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
KERAK (M.R. 217066). A site in ancient Moab situated above Wadi el-Kerak which drains the Moabite plateau into the Jordan valley (this site should not be confused with Kh. Kerak on the SW shore of the Galilee, which has proved important in ceramic typology and chronology of the EB period; see KHIRBET
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Kerak (Arab. Karak) (also KARAK)A major city in the western part of central Jordan; capital of a modern Jordanian administrative district (today usually Karak; 217066). The site is ca. halfway between Wadi Môjib (biblical Arnon) and Wadi el-Ḥesa (Zered), along the route traditionally known as the “King’s
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
Kerak kuhr’ahk (Arab. name derived from Aram. כְּרַךְ, “fortified place”). (1) The modern name of a Transjordanian site probably to be identified with the Moabite city of Kir Hareset.(2) Khirbet Kerak (not mentioned in the Bible) is a large and important archaeological site on the SW shore of the Sea
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