Karl Jaspers
b. February 23, 1883 – d. February 26, 1969 • Philosopher • Religious movement founder
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Jaspers, Karl
Jaspers, Karl (1883–1969), German philosopher. His early interests were in medicine and psychiatry. In 1913 he became Privatdozent, and in 1921 Professor of Philosophy, at Heidelberg, where he remained until forced for political reasons to resign in 1937. He was reinstated in 1945, but moved to Basle,
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Jaspers, Karl (Theodor) (1883–1969)
Jaspers, Karl (Theodor) (1883–1969)German psychopathologist and philosopher, foundational figure in existential philosophy who considered true understanding to begin with a knowledge of human existence. Jaspers developed a philosophical theology of the Encompassing (das Umgreifende), seeing the pursuit
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Jaspers, Karl Theodor
Jaspers, Karl TheodorKarl Theodor Jaspers (1883–1969) became a doctor of medicine at Heidelberg in 1909, practiced psychiatry, and became professor of philosophy at Heidelberg in 1921. He regarded his three-volume Philosophy (1932) as his major work. He did not accept the term “existentialist,” but
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Jaspers, Karl
Jaspers, Karl (1883–1969)German philosopher; one of the founders of the existentialist movementJaspers received the M.D. degree from the University of Heidelberg. In 1913 he became a lecturer there in psychology, and in 1921, in philosophy. The National Socialists relieved him of his duties in 1937,