Justinian Von Welz
b. 1621 – d. 1668 • Lutheran • Missionary
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Welz, Justinian von
Welz, Justinian vonThe early Lutheran missionary, ascetic, and church critic Justinian von Welz (1621–68?) was born in Styria to noble, Protestant parents. During the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War, his family sought religious refuge in Saxony in 1628. Welz studied law in Leiden and published several
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Welz Weltz
Welz (Weltz), Justinian Von (1621–1668)Promoter of Protestant missionsJustinian von Welz was the third of seven children born to the Lutheran couple of noble lineage, Gotthard and Rosine von Welz, living in Roman Catholic Austria. Little is known about Justinian’s early years. At the age of twenty,