Julian of Norwich
b. November 8, 1342 – d. 1416 • Author • Mystic
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich (c. 1342—after 1416), English spiritual writer. Little is known of her life, except that by 1394 she was an *anchoress, prob. at St Julian’s church, *Norwich. Acc. to her own account, in May 1373 she received a revelation, consisting of 15 ‘showings’ (and one more ‘showing’ the day
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Julian of Norwich (c. 1342–1416 or Later)
Julian of Norwich (c. 1342–1416 or Later)Julian of Norwich was a spiritual theologian. In May 1373 Julian received 16 revelations of Christ. She was subsequently described as an anchoress; Margery Kempe of Kings Lynn was among those whom she counselled. Her epithet may well be taken from the church
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich (1342–1420?) Very little is known of her. What is known is that for more than twenty years she reflected on the mystical experience she had when she was about thirty years old, an experience that lasted a day and a night. Her reflections, Book of Showings, the oldest surviving book
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of NorwichJulian of Norwich (1342–1416) was a Benedictine nun who lived as an anchoress, a solitary who had withdrawn from the world. Her life is a classic example of mysticism. Her major work is Revelations of Divine Showings (London: Penguin, 1998), and exists in a longer and a shorter version.
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich (c. 1342–c. 1413). In 1377 Julian, a recluse who lived most of her adult life in a room attached to St. Julian’s Church in Norwich, England, received sixteen revelations over a two-day period. Her reflections upon those “showings,” as she called them, resulted in a work published some
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342–ca. 1417). An English mystic. Born probably in or near Norwich, eastern England, she had a five-hour series of fifteen visions in 1373. These “shewings” healed her of a serious illness. About this experience she wrote at the time, but then twenty years or more later she produced
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Julian of Norwich (c. 1342–c. 1416)
JULIAN OF NORWICH (c. 1342–c. 1416)We know little about Julian’s life: she tells us she was ‘a devout woman’, living as a recluse at Norwich. She was born in c. 1342, fell seriously ill at the age of thirty, and believed herself to have been granted a series of revelations, or ‘shewings’. She spent
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Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich (c. 1342-c. 1413)English writer on mystical experienceAlmost nothing is known about Julian, but reliable tradition associates her with St. Julian’s church, Norwich, near which she lived a solitary life of prayer and meditation. Her fame rests on her book The Sixteen Revelations of