Judgment seat
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Judgment Seat
Judgment Seat. Place before which people will one day stand to give an account of their lives to God.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Judgment Seat
Judgment Seat[Gk bḗma—‘step’ < baínō]; (Mt. 27:19; Jn. 19:13; Rom. 14:10; 2 Cor. 5:10); THRONE (Acts 12:21); TRIBUNAL (Acts 18:12, 16f.; 25:6, 10, 17); NEB also COURT, BENCH (Acts 18:17), ROSTRUM (12:21). The Greek word is used in its literal sense only once in the NT: Acts 7:5, “not even a step
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Judgment Seat
JUDGMENT SEAT Place before which people will one day stand to give an account of their lives to God.In the Old Testament The NT concept of divine judgment has its roots in the OT. There God is seen as Judge of the whole world, and especially of his own people.During his intercession for Sodom, Abraham
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Judgment Seat
judgment seat, one translation of the Greek word bēma, which refers to the judicial bench of a city court in the Roman Empire. This word is also translated “tribunal” in Acts 18:12, 16, 17; 25:6, 10, 17. Jesus was put on trial before Pilate, who was “sitting on the judgment seat” (Matt. 27:19). The Gospel
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Judgment Seat
JUDGMENT SEAT. A step or raised place; hence a rostrum or stage for speakers. It was used of the official seat or chair of a judge in the Gr. and Rom. courts of law. The Gr. word bēma appears 12 times in the NT, and is translated in the KJV and ASV as “judgment seat” in ten of them (Mt 27:19; Jn 19:13;
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Judgment Seat
JUDGMENT SEAT. In Greek states the assembly met in front of a dais (bēma) from which all official business was conducted. Thus Herod Agrippa I sits on the dais (rsv ‘throne’) to address the republics of Tyre and Sidon (Acts 12:21). The Gk. term is otherwise used in the NT for the tribunal (Acts 18:12,
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Judgment Seat
Judgment SeatA raised platform (Gk. bḗma) for a public speaker (Neh. 8:4 LXX; Acts 12:21) or a judge, and by extension a tribunal or court (cf. kritḗrion). Lysias spoke from a bḗma (2 Macc. 13:26), and Pilate sat on a judgment seat mounted on a raised platform when he asked the Jews what should
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Judgement Seat
Judgment Seat (Gk. bḗma). A seat on a raised platform from which officials could hear legal cases and address the population. Pontius Pilate sat upon such a judgment seat in an area known as “The Pavement” when the crowd decided whether to free Jesus or Barabbas (Matt. 27:19; John 19:13), and Herod
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Judgment Seat
JUDGMENT SEAT (Gk. bēma, a “step”). A raised place mounted by steps; used of the official seat of a judge (Matt. 27:19; John 19:13; Acts 18:12, 16–17; 25:6, “seat on the tribunal”); of the judgment seat of God (Rom. 14:10); Christ (2 Cor. 5:10); and of the structure, resembling a throne, that Herod
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Judgment seat
Judgment seat(Matt. 27:19), a portable tribunal (Gr. bema) which was placed according as the magistrate might direct, and from which judgment was pronounced. In this case it was placed on a tesselated pavement, probably in front of the procurator’s residence. (See GABBATHA.)
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Judgment Seat
Judgment Seatjudgment seat, one translation of the Greek word referring to the judicial bench of a city court in the Roman Empire (Gk. bēma; also translated as ‘tribunal’ and once as ‘throne’). Jesus was put on trial before Pilate ‘while he was sitting on the judgment seat’ (Matt. 27:19). The Gospel
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
JUDGMENT SEAT([βη̂μα, bema], “a raised place,” “platform,” “tribune,” Mt 27:19; Jn 19:13; see GABBATHA; Acts 12:21 margin (text “throne”); 18:12, 16 ff; 25:6, 17): In Greek law courts, one [βη̂μα, bema] was provided for the accuser, another for the accused; but in the New Testament
Key passages
1 Esd 3:13–15

Now when the king awoke, they took what was written and gave it to him, and he read. And he sent and summoned all the nobles of Persia and of Media and satraps and generals and governors and prefects, and he sat in the council chamber, and what was written was read in the presence of them.

Jn 19:13

So Pilate, when he heard these words, brought Jesus outside and sat down on the judgment seat, in the place called The Stone Pavement (but Gabbatha in Aramaic).

Ac 12:21

So on an appointed day Herod, after putting on royal clothing and sitting down on the judgment seat, began to deliver a public address to them.

Ac 18:12

Now when Gallio was proconsul of Achaia, the Jews rose up with one purpose against Paul and brought him before the judgment seat,

Ac 25:10

But Paul said, “I am standing before the judgment seat of Caesar, where it is necessary for me to be judged. I have done no wrong to the Jews, as you also know very well.

Ac 25:17

Therefore, when they had assembled here, I made no delay; on the next day I sat down on the judgment seat and gave orders for the man to be brought.

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