Journey • Voyage
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
JourneyBiblical images of journeys and portraits of sojourners illustrate the life of faith, trust and dependence that has been an abiding feature of the people of God. This biblical motif captures important aspects of Israel’s earliest origins and disposition toward the world and serves as a basic
Dictionary of Theological Terms
SynodalityA term now popular in ecumenical documents, it is defined as follows by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission: “In each local church all the faithful are called to walk together in Christ. The term synodality (derived from syn-hodos meaning ‘common way’) indicates the manner
Key passages
Tob 5:2–10

But how will I be able to get the money and yet not know him?” So he gave him the certificate and said to him, “Seek for yourself a man who will go with you, and I will pay him wages as long as I live; now go get the money.” He went forth to look for a man and found Raphael, who was an angel …

Tob 5:15–17

But tell me what sort of wages I shall pay you—a drachma per day and the things necessary for you as also for my son? And moreover, I will give something to you in addition to the wages if you both return safely.” So they agreed. Then he said to Tobias, “Get ready for the trip, and may both …

Tob 5:22–6:3

For a good angel will go along with him, and his journey will be successful; he will return safely.” And so she stopped crying. As they went along the way, they came at evening to the Tigris River and camped there. Then the young man went down to wash himself, and …

Tob 6:10–11

And when they drew near to Rages, the angel said to the young man, “Brother, today we will lodge with Raguel, for he is your relative, and he has a daughter named Sarah.