Josquin des Prez
b. 1450 – d. August 27, 1521 • Composer • Musician
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Josquin(1440?–1521). A Flemish composer now considered the greatest of the Renaissance, Josquin was also widely acclaimed in his own lifetime. His full name takes many forms. There is evidence that he preferred Josquin Desprez, but the surname is often spelled des Prez and des Prés.Josquin was born
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Des Prez, Josquin
Des Prez, Josquin (c. 1450–1521)Renaissance musical masterJosquin des Prez was associated with the Choir of Milan Cathedral (1459–1472), and was in the employment of the Sforza family of the same city. From 1486 to 1494 he was at the Papal Chapel, while after 1499 his patron was Hercules, Duke of Ferrara.