Joseph’s Torn Coat
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Wife of Potiphar
Potiphar’s Wife Also known as “the wife of the master,” but otherwise unnamed. Accuses Joseph of rape, which costs him his job in Potiphar’s house and also leads to his imprisonment (Gen 39).
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Joseph, Son of Jacob
JOSEPH, SON OF JACOB. The 11th son of the patriarch Jacob, and the principal character in the biblical narrative of Genesis 37–50.A. The NameB. The TribeC. The Story1. Theme: Familial Strife2. Plot3. Theological ConcernsD. SourcesE. Genres1. Sitz im Leben2. DatingF. Purpose of the StoryA.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
1. The eleventh son of Jacob and the first of Rachel. See separate article below.
Joseph jośəf, jōʹzəf [Heb. yōsēp̱-prob ‘may he (God) add’ (i.e., other sons); LXX Iōsēph]. (Cf. Gen. 30:24; in vv 23f there may well be a pun on the verbs ʾāsap̱, “take away,” and yāsap̱, “add,” but not a rival etymology of Joseph. The place name yšp-ʾir in an Egyptian topographical list of
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Joseph (joh´sif).1 The older son of Rachel, who was the favorite wife of Jacob (Israel), ancestor of the Israelites. Thus, Joseph’s descendants form one of the original twelve tribes of Israel (Gen. 49:22–26), but the tribe of Joseph divided into Ephraim and Manasseh after Levi left the tribal structure
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Joseph (Heb. yôsēp̱, yĕhôsēp̱; Gk. Iōsḗph, Iosḗs) (also JOSES)1. The 11th son of Jacob and the older son of Rachel. Rachel, the wife whom Jacob loved, was barren for a long time before giving birth to Joseph (Gen. 29:31–30:21). Her words upon giving birth to Joseph reflect the two possible
Wife of Potiphar
Wife of PotipharThe wife of Joseph’s Egyptian master, unnamed in the biblical account (cf. Mut-em-enet [Thomas Mann, Joseph in Egypt]; Zuleika [Midrash, Qurʾan Sura 12]). Enamored with the handsome Joseph, she repeatedly tempts the virtuous hero with all the wiles of the stereotypical “foreign woman,”
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
JOSEPH יוסףI. In biblical genealogical tradition Joseph is the son of →Jacob and →Rachel (Gen 30:22–24). His name is a hypocoristicon, presumably of *yôsîp-ʾēl/DN like yôsîpyāh (Ezra 8:10). Tradition preserves two explanations of his name, the one linking it to the root ’sp (Gen 30:23 E?), the
Catholic Bible Dictionary
JOSEPH (Hebrew, “may he [the Lord] add”) The eleventh son of the patriarch Jacob and the first son of Rachel (Gen 30:24, 35:24; 1 Chr 2:2), the ancestor of the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, sometimes called the “tribe of Joseph” (Josh 17:14) or the “house of Joseph” (Judg 1:22; Amos 5:6). His life
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JOSEPH (jōʹzef; “may he,” i.e., Jehovah, “add”). The eldest son of Jacob and Rachel, born while his father was still serving Laban (Gen. 30:22–25), about 1910 b.c. After his birth Joseph is mentioned in connection with his father’s flight from Laban (Gen. 33:2, 7) and then no more until he was seventeen
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Joseph the Patriarch
Joseph the PatriarchThe story of Joseph (Gen 37–50) has long caught the imagination of those who have read it, in large part because it embraces so many archetypal plots. On the one hand, it is the classic story of a young man’s growth to maturity in which, despite setbacks, he realizes all the potential
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
JOSEPH (2)<jo’-zef> ([יוֹסֵת‎, yoceph], “He will add”; Septuagint [ Ἰωσήφ, Ioseph]). The narrative (Gen 30:23, 14) indicates not so much a double etymology as the course of Rachel’s thoughts. The use of [אָסַת‎, ’acaph], “He takes away,” suggested to her mind by its form in the future, [יוֹסֵת‎,
Bible Characters, Volume 1 (Adam–Achan)
XVIIIJosephthe lord was with josephJOSEPH, the future ruler of Egypt, was tlie late-born and the greatly-beloved son of Jacob and Rachel. Joseph inherited all his mother’s proverbial gracefulness and sweetness and attractive beauty. And then Joseph’s intellectual gifts were such that, taken along
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Potiphar’s Wife
Pot′iphar’s Wife. According to the Koran her name was Zuleika, but some Arabian writers call her Rail.
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