Joseph de Maistre
b. April 1, 1753 – d. February 26, 1821 • Apologist • Philosopher • Politician • Roman catholic
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de Maistre, Joseph
de Maistre, Joseph (1753–1821), French *Ultramontane writer. He was born at Chambéry in Savoy and educated by the *Jesuits. At first influenced by the 18th-cent. rationalists, after the Revolution of 1789 he became a reactionary, who saw in the Church the safeguard of political stability. In 1802 he
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Maistre, Joseph-Marie de
Maistre, Joseph-Marie de (1753–1821). French nobleman who, in reaction to the French Revolution, maintained a radically conservative posture. According to him, a society without order cannot function, and that order has been established by God once and for all. Thus, rebellion is never justified. If
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De Maistre, Joseph Marie
De Maistre, Joseph Marie (1754–1821)Roman Catholic apologistBorn at Chambery in Savoy, de Maistre studied law with the Jesuits in Turin (Italy). He entered the Savoy civil service in 1774 and became a member of the senate in 1788. Driven from Savoy by the French Revolutionary armies in 1792, he moved