Joseph Parker
b. April 9, 1830 – d. November 28, 1902 • Author • Minister • Pastor
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Parker, Joseph
Parker, Joseph (1830–1902), *Congregational divine. A native of Hexham, he was for a time a *Wesleyan local preacher, but in 1852 returned to Congregationalism and became an assistant to John Campbell at the Moorfields Tabernacle in London. After ministering at Banbury (1853–8) and Manchester (1858–69),
Who’s Who in Christian History
Parker, Joseph
Parker, Joseph (1830–1902)English Congregational preacher; writerBorn into a Christian stonemason’s family in Northumberland, Parker showed an early aptitude for preaching. Without theological training he went to London in 1852 and was assistant to John Campbell of Whitefield Tabernacle. In 1853 he