Joseph Houldsworth Oldham
b. 1874 – d. 1969 • Missionary • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth (1874–1969), missionary statesman and leader of the *Ecumenical Movement. The son of Col. George Oldham, RE, he was born in India and educated in Scotland and at Trinity College, Oxford. After a year as General Secretary of the British Colleges Christian Union (1896–7), he
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth (1874–1969)Born in India and educated in Britain, Oldham returned to India to work for the YMCA. At Oxford he was converted under Dwight L. Moody and became a protégé of John R. Mott. As secretary, he was the chief organizer of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Oldham, Joseph H.
Oldham, Joseph H. (1874–1969). Englishman who was born of Scottish missionary parents in India. O. is one of the pioneers of the ecumenical movement of the twentieth century. In 1908 he was named secretary in charge of organizing the World Missionary Conference of Edinburgh in 1910. Subsequently he was
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth (1874–1969)
OLDHAM, JOSEPH HOULDSWORTH (1874–1969)Oldham was a Scottish layperson who was led to Christ by D. L. Moody at Oxford and served as secretary of the British Student Volunteer Missionary union and the Inter-Varsity Christian Union. After three years with the YMCA in India and further studies at Edinburgh
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Milner, Joseph
Milner, Joseph (1744–1797)Evangelical Anglican leaderBorn at Leeds (England) and educated at Catherine Hall, Cambridge University, Milner was ordained to serve both as a schoolmaster and a curate. In 1768 he became headmaster of Hull Grammar School. From 1770 when he adopted evangelical principles,
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth (1874–1969)Lay theologian, missionary, statesman, and ecumenical pioneerBorn in India, Oldham was educated at Edinburgh Academy and Trinity College, Oxford University. In 1896 he became secretary of the Student Christian Movement. In 1908 he was appointed secretary of the