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Joseph Brant
b. 1743 – d. November 24, 1807 • Denominational founder • Politician
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Brant, Joseph
Brant, Joseph(1742–1807). A chief of the Mohawk Indians, Joseph Brant served not only as a spokesman for his people but also as a British military officer during the American Revolution. After the war he strove for peace between colonists and the Indians and worked as a Christian missionary.Brant was
Who’s Who in Christian History
Brant, Joseph
Brant, Joseph (1742–1807)Mohawk Indian chief who helped establish Anglicanism in OntarioBorn along the Ohio River, Brant became a protégéof Sir William Johnson, colonial superintendent of Indian affairs, and at Johnson’s instigation attended a school for Indian boys at Lenanon, Connecticut, from 1761