Jordan Valley
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley The section of the Syrian-African rift through which the Jordan River flows. The wide valley floor stretching from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jordan Valley
JORDAN VALLEY. The Jordan valley, part of the huge Miocene rift which extends from N Syria to Central Africa, in the section between Lake Tiberias (= Sea of Galilee) and Aqaba, is entirely below sea level. From the freshwater Lake Tiberias (ca. 212 m below sea level), the Jordan river meanders S and
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Jordan (River And Valley)
JORDAN (RIVER AND VALLEY) The largest river in Palestine, flowing along the geological Syro-African rift. The river is formed by the confluence of three streams in the foothills of Mount Hermon, at a height of 250 feet above sea level. As it descends to the Hula region it divides again into several streams.
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Jordan, River
Jordan, River. Formed from the waters of four streams which converge in the upper part of the plain of Lake Huleh, the Jordan expands into the now much-reduced Lake Huleh (poss. the ‘Waters of Merom’ of Jos. 11:5), flows through a narrow gorge and then forms a delta at the head of the Sea of *Galilee
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Jordan Valley
JOR´DAN (jorʹdan) Valley (Heb. ˓Ărābâ; rendered “the Arabah,” Deut. 11:30; Josh. 18:18; Ezek. 47:8). Its modern name is El Ghor. For convenience we treat both the river and valley together.The Jordan Valley is a rift more than 160 miles long, counting from just below Lake Huleh, where the dip below
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Jordan Valley
JORDAN VALLEY: As more fully detailed elsewhere (see Arabah; Dead Sea; Geology of Palestine), the Jordan valley in its lower portion occupies a remarkable depression in the earth’s surface, reaching its greatest depth in the Dead Sea, the surface of which is 1,300 ft., the bottom 2,600 ft. below tide
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
JORDAN VALLEY jor´duhn [יַרְדֵּןyarden; Ἰορδάνης Iordanēs]. The Jordan Valley is part of a larger Miocene rift that runs from northern Syria to central Africa. The valley runs north to south for 105 km, beginning at Lake Tiberias (approximately 212 m below sea level) and emptying into the Dead Sea
1. Upper Jordan Valley
1. Upper Jordan ValleyThe headwaters of the Jordan gather initially in the watershed defined by the southern ends of the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges in the north of Palestine. These geological features are constituent parts of the larger feature called the Jordan Rift Valley, itself a subsection
c. Jordan Valley
c. Jordan Valley. The larger Jordan Valley, stretching from the Sea of Galilee in the north for about 65 mi. (ca. 105 km) to the Dead Sea in the south, is about 9 mi. wide (ca. 14 km) on average, but in the middle narrows to only 2 mi. (ca. 3 km). The Jordan River lies within an inner valley and meanders