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Jonathan, Son of Saul
Jonathan, Son of Saul (יוֹנָתָן‎, yonathan; יְהוֹנָתָן‎, yehonathan). The oldest son of King Saul and close friend of David.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jonathan Son of Saul
JONATHAN SON OF SAUL. Jonathan was the oldest son of Saul, son of Kish, and his wife Ahinoam, daughter of Ahimaaz. He was the heir to the Saulide throne of Israel before his untimely death at Mt. Gilboa. The throne eventually passed on to David, who is portrayed as having been a very close personal friend
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jonathan[Heb yehônāṯān, yônāṯān—‘Yahweh has given’; Gk. Iōnathan]. The eldest son of Saul, the first king of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Jonathan (jon´uh-thuhn), the firstborn son of Saul and Ahinoam. He became the most important prince of King Saul (the first king of Israel) and a close friend to David, his father’s rival and successor. He was the father of Merib-baal/Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 9; 1 Chron. 8:34). Jonathan lived in the second
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jonathan (Heb. yĕhônāṯān, yônāṯān; Gk. Iōnathás) (also JEHONATHAN)1. The son of Gershom; descendant of Moses (Judg. 18:30; MT “Manasseh”). Jonathan was a Levite from Bethlehem hired by Micah to serve at Micah’s personal shrine (Judg. 17–18). He later founded the priesthood at Laish (Dan) that
Bible Characters, Volume 2 (Gideon–Absalom)
XXXIXJonathanThy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of womenJONATHAN was the eldest son of Saul, and he was thus the heir-apparent to the throne of Israel. The crown prince was a young man of great mental gifts, and he was endowed also with many most impressive moral qualities. Handsome and
The Ultimate Who’s Who in the Bible
Jonathan [Jahn-uh-thuhn](Hebrew origin: God gave)SNAPSHOT: JONATHANCHARACTER AND ACHIEVEMENTS■ Made blood covenant with David (1 Samuel 18:3, 20:16)■ Man of great strength and activity (2 Samuel 1:23)■ Excelled in archery (1 Samuel 1:22)■ Remained loyal to his covenant with David even when his
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Jonʹa-than [Jehovah has given], the name of several persons.1. The eldest son of King Saul. He was regarded in his father’s lifetime as the heir to the throne. Like Saul, he was a man of great strength and activity (2 Sam. 1:23). He was also famous for archery and slinging, the peculiar martial exercises
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Jonathan (1)
JONATHAN, jon′a-than (יְהוֹנָתָן‎, yehōnāthān, יוֹנָתָן‎, yōnāthān, “Jeh has given”; Ἰωναθάν, Iōnathán; cf Jehonathan):(1) (Heb yehōnāthān): The young “Levite” of Jgs 17, 18 referred to by name in 18:30, where he is called “the son of Gershom, the son of Moses,” and where AV has “Manasseh”
All the People in the Bible: An A–Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
Jonathan [jon-uh-thun] (יונתן, “Yahweh Has Given”) (1) a Judahite priest, the son of Moses’ son Gershom (1), who ministered to the tribe of Dan (Judg. 18:30) (2) the son of King Saul and close friend of David (1 Sam. 13:16) (3) son of Abiathar the high priest; served David during Absalom’s rebellion,
Jonathan the Son of Saul
Jonathan the Son of SaulSaul’s son Jonathan may well be considered one of the great tragic figures of ancient Jewish history. He was a man of courage, wisdom, loyalty, and honor, with the potential to be one of Israel’s greatest kings. Unfortunately, he was caught between the hatred and paranoia of
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
JONATHAN jon´uh-thuhn [יוֹנָתָןyonathan, יְהוֹנָתָןyehonathan; Ἰωναθάν Iōnathan]. Means “Yahweh has given.” 1. The name of the first of Saul’s sons listed in 1 Sam 14:49, along with those of two daughters. One of those daughters, Merab was probably the firstborn child, and two other sons are named
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